Dealing With Disrespectful Teenagers

Published: 04th May 2010
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Most parents have little tolerance for disrespectful teenagers. Most feel that they have dedicated themselves to raising the child and they refuse to be disrespected. Obviously there is nothing wrong with this assumption. If your teenager is not showing you respect it is important that you make them see the error of their ways. You have to be firm and consistent in your approach to the subject. That being said it is important for parents to understand what is causing the disrespect without issuing the third degree and putting their disrespectful teenagers on the defensive.

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Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your disrespectful teenager is crucial to success. It truly helps if you can remember back to when you were a teenager. What did you expect out of life? What did you expect out of your parents? What was going on in your mind and heart? The ability to answer these questions of yourself places you in a much better position to relate to the underlining problems your teenager is experiencing. The power of peer pressure for teenagers is incredible. They have such a desire to be loved and appreciated. They know their parents and siblings love them but they want to fit in with their peers as well.

The transformation from a helpless child to a responsible young adult is difficult to say the least. The desire to be independent and able to make their own decisions in life is strong and unrelenting. Most teenagers just need a little space. It is not uncommon for teenagers to feel that they are not understood or appreciated. If they feel this way than they begin to develop a lack of self-confidence and this normally leads to becoming disrespectful teenagers. Parents have to find a happy medium here. If you are too hard on them they will feel smothered and the situation will worsen. If you are too relaxed with them than they will have no guidelines to follow. Build a relationship with your teenager that is based on honesty and trust. Give them room to make decisions and learn from them.

There is no such thing as the perfect parent. Parenting is different for everyone. As a parent you have to set the example. If you are hollering and cursing your spouse or children than you are saying it is okay for your teenager to do the same. If you refuse to listen to your teenager and fail to show them any respect or love they will more than likely return the compassion. As parents you know you are the boss and silently your disrespectful teenagers know this as well. However, if you want your teenager to open up to you and share their thoughts and feelings it is important that they know you will react with care and mutual respect for their feelings. "Disrespectful teenagers" are typically only going through a phase. Correct them in the right way build that bond and these same teenagers will grow to be responsible citizens you can be proud of.

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